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BioBrite Sunrise Clock Adv with White Noise - PearlBioBrite Sunrise Clock Adv with White Noise - Pearl
Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up LightVerilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light
Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up LightVerilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light
Insignia Wake-Up Light (iPhone/iPod)Insignia Wake-Up Light (iPhone/iPod)

Wake Up Light Alarm Clocks

Sunrise Alarm Clocks slowly turn the lights on, to wake you up naturally and peacefully. This helps your body wake up more gradually as if to a sunrise helping you feel more refreshed in the morning. That's why some refer to them as dawn simulators. Depending on the model, the light alarm clocks let you choose to have it slowly turn up music or nature sounds to accompany your sunrise. Adjust the length of time it takes to turn the light fully on. Many have a sunset feature and several other bells and whistles.  Find the exact sunrise alarm clock that will be perfect for you and start your day off right.

Sunrise alarm clocks have been proven to help you wake up with more energy. 

Use light!

Watch the video below to see how an entire town was changed by a sunrise alarm clock

There is no substitute for being woken up with light as mother nature intended. Your body responds much more positively to waking up to the sunrise than an abrupt sound that jolts you out of sleep. Bring more light in to your life and leave those annoying alarms behind. Loud and sudden alarms wake you up suddenly and shock your system. No wonder so many people wake up in a bad mood and think that they are not "morning people". With a light alarm clock, you will start the day off right. In the winter when many have to wake up when it is still dark outside, a dawn simulator is perfect to get you going. Save money on coffee and energy drinks which damage your body.

If you're experiencing SAD, seasonal depression or just need more focus and energy during the day, find out how you can change with a sunrise simulating alarm clock.  Start experiencing better days as this Norwegian town has with the help of Philips.  We've got the top brands and models so you're sure to find one that works for you, in your price range.