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Lighten Up! 205

Lighten Up! 205

Lighten Up! 205
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Model # 205

This Lighten Up! model allows you to plug any lamp using an incondescent bulb and have it slowly turn on at the time you set.  This is perfect for those who don't want to sacrifice style for price, because you can plug a lamp you already have in and turn it into a sunrise alarm clock.  Don't worry about finding one that will look good with your decor!  It is inconsipicous, looks and works much like an extension cord, only it will slowly turn your lights on for you.

The 205 is not adjust able, it will start to turn your lamp on 8 hours from the time you plug it in.  It will turn itself off after 1 hour and will repeat at the same time everyday unless it is unplugged or there is a power failer for more than 30 seconds.  If this happens simply plug it in 8 hours before you want the light to start turning on again.  It's very simple for all you out there that don't care about all the bells and whistles.  This is the device for you.

Use only light bulbs with Lighten Up!
A fluorescent, CLF, LED, or tensor light will not operate properly and may damage the unit

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Lighten Up! 205Lighten Up! 205