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Fun Novelty Alarm Clocks

Cool and Crazy Novelty Alarm Clocks

If you're looking for crazy alarm clocks that are creative and have more than the annoying alarm to get you up in the morning, this is the place for you.  These clocks may or may not not wake you up naturally, but they provide a great alternative to the borrible buzzing of the standard alarm clock or cell phone alarm.  So if you don't have a rooster wake you up, we also have these fun alternatives to help you those that have trouble getting up. Maybe the sunrise clock you want is out of your price range, these novelty alarm clocks are usually much more affordable.  These creative and cool alarm clocks help to ensure that not only will you wake up, but you'll stay that way.  They also help engage your brain which helps you wake up feeling less groggy and more alert. We're always adding more so check them out!
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Color Changing Light Alarm Clock with Nature SoundsColor Changing Light Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds
Dumbbell Alarm ClockDumbbell Alarm Clock
Flying Helicopter Alarm ClockFlying Helicopter Alarm Clock
Gun Alarm ClockGun Alarm Clock
Starry Night  Digital Color Changing Projection Alarm ClockStarry Night Digital Color Changing Projection Alarm Clock
Projects colorful stars on your ceiling. Music & Nature Sound Alarm Clock