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Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light

Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light

Verilux Rise and Shine Wake Up Light
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Model # 814601p

  • Sunrise and Sunset (15 light intensity levels)
  • Gradual white light or shift through 250 soothing colors
  • Snooze
  • Dual alarm settings
  • Battery Backup (3 - AAA Batteries - not included)

Choose from 3 Alarms Sound Types:
  • FM radio alarm
  • Beeps
  • 5 relaxing nature sounds

Dusk mode gradually dims the light to assist in falling asleep peacefully and naturally.  Before you wake up the simulated sunlight slowly brightens you morning. So you wake up refreshed and chipper.  The wake up light is accompanied by your choice of five nature sounds, FM radio, or a normal beeping alarm. Synchronized sleep and wake-up programs help the body with cues to fall asleep and to get more sound sleep. You'll awake bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Stop feeling groggy in the mornings or at least less groggy.
The Rise & Shine Wake Up Light also allows two alarm times to be set. Did we mention it fits nicely on your bedside table? 

Unwind anytime of day.

The color-changing serenity light program gradually changes through 250 different colors of light.  Combine this with the soothing soundscape melodies built in the clock and you can enjoy a serene, peaceful environment anytime you wish to relax.

5 Nature Sounds Choices:

Morning Birds
Ocean with Music
Stream with Music

Order your Rise & Shine Wake-up Clock and Color-Changing Serenity Light from today.

Download the Manual for more details
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