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Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clocks will brighten your day from the moment they gently wake you up. Let Soleil use the sunrise to wake you up naturally. Soleil is known for quality and functionality. The Soleil SA-3 is one of our most popular models. Like most light alarm clocks it has the ability to adjust the amount of time you want it to take to slowly brighten its wake up light. But this clock also has the ability to reverse the process and slowly dim itself so that it simulates the sunset so you can fall asleep naturally. They have a nice round design that makes them a little shorter than some of their competitors. The easy-to-see and easy-to-use digital clock face makes it simple to change any of the settings. 
Soleil Sunrise Clock - UltimaSoleil Sunrise Clock - Ultima
Soleil Sun Alarm Clock Radio SA-3Soleil Sun Alarm Clock Radio SA-3

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