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Soleil Warranty Information

The Soleil Sun Alarm Company LLC warrants that the Sun Alarm™ SA-2002  and the Sun Alarm Ultima™ SA-2008 will be free from defects in manufacture for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover damage due to external causes including, but not limited to: accident, abuse, misuse, and/or problems with electrical power.  Please fill out the included warranty registration form on the back of this manual.

For warranty repair or replacement, please call 1-800-298-2240.

Safety & Service Instructions

It is highly recommended that you adhere to the following safety and service instructions when using and handling the Sun Alarm™.

·         Do not place this unit near water or heat sources.

·         When replacing the bulb for the Sun Alarm SA-2002 only use the B-41 bulb. When replacing the bulb for the Sun Alarm Ultima SA-2008 only use the YH0608 bulb.  There is an order form for bulb replacement included on the back of this instruction manual.  You can also place orders on our website, or by calling 1-800-298-2240.

·         When replacing the bulb, make sure that the unit has been turned off and that the bulb and globe are not hot.

·         There are no user-serviceable parts on the Sun Alarm™.  Do not open the lower half of the unit.  This VOIDS THE WARRANTY and can permanently damage the unit.

It is also recommended that you keep the Sun Alarm™ dust-free by periodically wiping the lamp’s globe and alarm face with a soft, damp cloth.  Do not use solvents or abrasive cleansing products that may damage the Sun Alarm.

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