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We are one of few, if not the only site dedicated to sunrise alarm clocks and the only place to find this wide variety of alarm clocks to help ease you awake in the mornings.

Why Sunrise Clocks?

If your not a morning person, your current alarm is probably mostly to blame.  Traditional clocks are annoying, and jolt you awake causing a rush of adrenaline . . . and stress!  By eliminating that stressful response every morning, you could easily extend your time on this green planet. (not to mention make it a lot more enjoyable)  By having a more relaxed morning, the rest of you day will be even better, putting you in a better mood, which makes for a healthier you.  A healthier, happier you makes for a happier family and coworkers.  The effects go on and on.  It's a chain reaction that all starts with how you wake up.  So start your day off right, the way mother nature intended and get out of bed with a sunrise alarm clock.  It automatically lights up the room so you can see better without fumbling around for the light swtich!